Setting transport asset protection standards

By Allyson Koekhoven. (Hi-Tech Security Solutions | Volume 22 Number 11 | November 2016)

Best practices in protecting high-value cargo.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), based in the Netherlands, is an internationally recognised leader in the fight against high value theft targeted (HVTT) assets crime. Andre Du Venage, MD of Secure Logistics, who heads up the South African workgroup of TAPA, says that the organisation was originally formed on the back of growing concerns around the safeguarding of cargo in warehouses and in transit. The need to tackle HVTT asset theft in a concerted manner resulted in industry representatives drawing on their cumulative skills and knowledge to develop an effective way of thwarting criminals. Essentially, TAPA has developed a generic risk management design tailored for logistics companies.

One of the successful elements of this collaboration locally is the partnership with technology companies for the production of solutions to mitigate the signal jamming threat. Underpinning this and other developments is the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR), which outlines the minimum standards for security and industry best practice for over-the-road carriers of HVTT assets. These standards are part of the formal certification process and TAPA advises companies to employ them to enhance the shipper-carrier relationship. Similarly, the Facility Security Requirements (FSR) are minimum standards for security and industry best practice for facilities storing and handling HVTT assets.

While TAPA’s asset protection portfolio is more highly evolved in Europe, South Africa is quickly adopting the principles espoused by the organisation. Membership of TAPA provides members with access to high-end, comprehensive training as well as third-party audit facility for supply chain facilities. A free conference (travel and accommodation costs are not included) is organised annually for members and allows delegates to network with fellow members and absorb information on current trends and best practice in the field of HVTT asset security. TAPA WG SA also facilitates monthly meetings locally to address current security matters. For more information on becoming a member. of TAPA, visit