65th IAATI International Training Seminar


Mr Andre Duvenage, CEO, Secure Logistics

PLENARY SPEAKER FINAL BRIEF IAATI welcomes your contribution to the 65th IAATI International Training Seminar
due to take place at Century City Conference Centre from 27 August – 01 September. In order to help you prepare, please read
these briefing notes carefully ahead of time as they contain very important information pertaining to your participation in the seminar.

Seminar Website www.iaati2017.co.za
Seminar Secretariat idna Africa Anais@idna.co.za

REGISTRATION & ACCOMMODATION As a plenary speaker, you are entitled to attend the full seminar at no charge.
This includes access to the Presidents Welcome Cocktail on 27 August, and Gala Banquet on 31 August. Please advise us if
you will NOT be attending the duration of the seminar.

Special rates have been negotiated with the hotel. Kindly note that these rooms are limited and must be booked as soon as
possible should you wish to take advantage of the discounted rate. The hotel is within walking distance from the seminar venue.
Kindly contact Felicia Reed. Contact Details: Felicia Reed: felicia.r@ccconferencecentre.co.za +27 21 204 8000

PROGRAMME Please see below information pertaining to your plenary presentation: Date: Friday 01 September Session Time:
Plenary 8 – 09h00 – 11h00 Venue: Plenary, Hall B+C Presentation Duration: 30 minutes Topic: Truck Hijacking and Cargo/Freight

NB. Should you not be attending the full Seminar and only arrive for your presentation, kindly note that we will appreciate your
arrival at least 1 hour 30 minutes before your session starts. This will allow us to confirm your presentation time according to
the programme running order for the day – less time used by preceding presenters may result in the advancement of your
presentation time slot.
On arrival at the Conference Centre, please report to the Registration Desk, at the line signposted “Speakers” in the main
reception foyer to collect your ID tag. The speaker co-ordinator – Anais Basson will be on hand to answer any queries you may
have. Please bring a copy of your presentation with you on a USB stick and hand this to Anais at registration. Should you wish
to test your presentation, the AV team will be on hand in each of the venues.

A detailed Order of Proceedings (running order of your session at the seminar) will e-mail to you on 22 August 2017.

PRESENTATION GUIDELINES The visual presentation medium is Microsoft PowerPoint. For this purpose, the organisers
have arranged a laptop computer that will be available on the lectern, linked to powerful data projectors that will display your
presentation on 4m x 6m screens. Please prepare your presentation in 4:3 ratio using any of the latest version of MS PowerPoint.
NB: Please copy your presentation to a USB memory stick and bring this with you to the seminar.

Your PowerPoint Presentation o The Seminar language is English. o Limit the number of copy you include on your slides o Use
standard fonts. If you do use special font types and symbols, please copy the fonts together with the presentation (not embedded)
so they can be installed on our system. o Keep any diagrams or charts simple so they can be viewed by the entire audience o Limit
the use of brand names on slides to an absolute minimum, the audience will not appreciate being given a sales pitch.
so they can be installed on our system. o Keep any diagrams or charts simple so they can be viewed by the entire audience
Limit the use of brand names on slides to an absolute minimum, the audience will not appreciate being given a sales pitch.
o Prove your point by being positive, do not speak adversely of your competitors.

Changes to the time schedule may occur, please check the website www.iaati2017.co.za regularly to ensure you have the
latest information.

TECHNICAL All Speakers need to attend the Technical Check before the start of their session to get familiar with the
use of the equipment. All final presentations will be loaded into the system before the start of the session so please hand
your presentation on USB stick to Anais at the speaker desk at least 1.5 hours prior to your session. Please be in your
allocated room no later than 15 minutes before the start of your Session.

Plenary speakers will be seated on the stage for most sessions, and where this is not possible – a row of seats will be reserved
at the front of the venue. Please take the opportunity to meet your Session Chair and the other Speakers in your Session.

The room will be set up in theatre style with the Moderators’ desk in front to one side and a lectern to the other side.
Your presentation will be shown by means of a beamer on a screen behind you but you will have a monitor on the floor
in front of you. The microphone and remote presentation pointer/controls allows you to move away from the lectern if you wish to do so.

Technicians will be present in all Breakout rooms during the presentations. In the unlikely event of a technical problem, you should continue with your presentation or as directed by the Session Chair.

CONTACT INFORMATION Seminar Secretariat: idna Africa General Enquiries: Janine@idna.co.za Programme Queries: Anais@idna.co.za

Looking forward to seeing you at the seminar